Break the diet!

Almost every day there are new methods to get rid of excess weight. But the key to success is to find your own recipe. WHO experts argue that there are three main causes of obesity gain: too much fat, too much portions and too lazy a lifestyle. Yes, it’s that simple. And the whole program of individual weight loss fits into four stages.

1. Break the diet!
Many of us firmly believe that there is a magical way to lose weight instantly. Such a way, when you have to suffer a little bit at first, but then at least immediately on the podium. Alas, there is no such way. And if it were, it would have been used in all the clinics of the world long ago.

Today, every self-respecting woman feels obligated to go on a diet. However, this approach does not bring any good. It has only a temporary effect, and then the weight returns, and also with a raise. Bet on another – a reasonable change in lifestyle and habits. “Reasonable” is the key word.

2 Find the reason for completeness
This is a fascinating activity, a real detective investigation, based on the analysis of his own life.

If weight grows, it means we get more energy than we spend. When we calculate all the cause-and-effect relationships and change our lives, not only the set of extra pounds will be stopped – weight loss will begin.

Sometimes it is enough to correct just a couple of moments. But no one else but you can’t know what they are, so they can’t give you precise recommendations on how to live and lose weight. And you know and will be able to make “spot fire” on excess weight, without making too sharp movements. Moderation in weight loss is very important. Numerous nutritional studies show that the more radical the changes we make to our daily lives, the more likely they are to be temporary.

3. Find the energy balance
If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce your energy intake (by making changes to your diet) and increase your energy consumption (by adding physical activity). It depends on your individual characteristics and preferences. For example, if you eat a plate of Herculean porridge instead of three sausage sandwiches in the evening, you can save as much as 800 kcal per day, and that’s 39 kilos of lost weight per year!

Efficiency of menu correction will be increased if you increase your physical activity. Which type of activity to choose depends again on your personal preferences. There is no “good” or “bad” fitness, whether you like it or not. Think about what you will enjoy doing for a long time. Swimming pool, horseback riding, dancing, walking with your dog, just hiking? Choose anything to avoid sitting on the couch!

4. Strive not for the perfect, but for a comfortable weight
One of the main mistakes of weight-lossening is the desire to achieve the weight you had twenty years ago. Set real goals! Even if you manage to achieve such a result, the “weight of youth” is not kept for a long time. This means a meager menu, hunger, constant record keeping of every piece you eat… Life turns into hell! Sooner or later you will give up everything and return to your pounds.

You have to lose weight wisely. When a person managed to achieve a weight that is close to normal and comfortable, he should calm down, look around, give himself a break. Also it is necessary to consider that there are no ideal formulas of weight calculation: we all have different physique, with different proportions of muscles and fatty tissue, different density of bones, etc. In short, you don’t have to dwell on numbers – true is not there.

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