Basic rules of hygiene (warts)

How can to infect yourself. Genital warts (they are called genital warts) pick up primarily at intimacy. But not only. The infection can be transmitted with caresses and oral-genital contact.
Important! The human papillomavirus is stored in wet towels, on a washcloth. How not to affect a family. Basic rules of hygiene can protect your members of the household. Each must have personal towels, toothbrushes, washcloths, laundry. Simple as possible!
Interesting question! Is it possible to get warts in the bath? Basically – yes. Especially if you go to the sauna with a friendly company or several families. We simply sit on one sheet, again wipe ourselves with the nearest towel. And if you were given to try out a new cool sauna mitt that just rubbed everyone else – do not do it.

Methods of disposal. Modern treatment of warts is divided into 3 groups: surgical methods, immunotherapy, cytotoxic agents.

Warts can be excised to make scraping, electrocoagulation (burning), cryotherapy (cold burn), photo-and laser coagulation. These methods are effective but require an experienced physician. Some methods are not applicable to multiple and flat warts, others can lead to a “colonization” of adjacent areas of the mucosa. Cutting-Edge method requires anesthesia, complex and expensive equipment.

And special chemicals solutions are used too. They successfully penetrate warts, but there are downsides: the risk of burns to surrounding healthy tissue.
Important! Do not rub warts by something chemical and corrosive! You can actually get horrible scars. Give doctors to do their job properly.
After immunization, a doctor will use the material of your own warts, interferon, and some other drugs. Cytolytic and cytotoxic drugs (tablets) are intended to cause necrosis (death) of the patient’s cells.
Finally: in the period of exacerbation and when treated, do not forget the condom!

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