Barometric Pressure Headaches

Barometric Pressure Headaches are often experienced weather sensitive people

The influence of climatic and weather factors on people had been seen long ago. We know that elderly people, based on their emerging painful symptoms, can “predict” the weather changes for 2-3 days, and sometimes more.
Increased sensitivity to weather called meteolability, and sensations that occur as a result of climatic and weather factors were identified meteotropic reactions.
Usually people who have barometric pressure headaches as a result of climatic and weather factors, distinguished by peculiarities of life. They do not have firmly established schedule, they usually do not exercise, do not use annual leave to rest, do not spend enough time in the open air, do not go to the suburban zone, etc.

Studies have shown that 75-80% people who are sensitive to climate and weather, had a head injury in the past, as well as a variety of diseases that contribute to the weakening of the functional state of the nervous system.
Weather-sensitive people usually become after 40 years. It is interesting to note that the sensitivity to changing climatic and weather conditions encountered in 2-3 times more common in urban than in rural areas.

Usually, headaches and other symptoms that occur in people who are sensitive to changes in climate and weather patterns are observed in the transition of winter-spring (February, March, May) and autumn (October, November) months of the year.
Found that the development of headache in weather-sensitive people depend on changes in the basic elements forming the weather. This is primarily due to changes in atmospheric pressure. Normal daily fluctuations in atmospheric pressure are very low and at a certain point the earth’s surface are relatively stable. Changes in atmospheric pressure by 8-12 mb weather-sensitive people have a feeling of heaviness in the head, headaches of varying severity, mood changes.
Perhaps it is not only changes in atmospheric pressure, but at the same time change and other weather factors: relative humidity and air temperature, wind strength and direction, cloud cover mode, etc.

Of particular importance is the invasion of atmospheric fronts and cyclones. The shorter the period of time during which the weather changes, the more frequently and expressions are meteotropic reaction.
Most often, the headache occurs when a rapid transition from the hot, warm and cloudless, dry weather to cloudy, rainy weather, from light frost a temperature drop to zero after freezing and freezing significantly, from light frost to cloudy, cloudy and rainy weather, from strong frost to light frost. Usually sensitive people to climatic and weather factors noted a feeling of heaviness and headache for 1-2 days to clear the weather.

Meteotropic reactions are not only a change in health, with a survey of these people can be identified a number of objective changes. Marked changes in vascular tone, fluctuations in blood pressure, it often increases by 10-40 mm Hg. art., but may decrease by 10-30 mm Hg. Art. The latter is usually more common in people who have observed the phenomenon of atherosclerosis. Can change the heart rate, the instability develop attention, spectacular flash, etc.

In the mechanism of a pain for the most sensitive people to the change of the weather is very important change in vascular tone and increase the vibration mobility of vessel walls.
As a result, available to healthy people when regulatory mechanisms under the influence of climatic and weather factors vibrational mobility cerebral vessels increases, which leads to the stimulation inherent in the vessel walls and receptors sensitive to pain nerve fibers. Arise in this pulse sent to the cortex, where it formed a feeling of headache.

Although they are relatively healthy people, however a doctor should decide the prevention and elimination of a headache conducting the necessary examinations. After you have identified the mechanisms of increased sensitivity to climatic and weather factors, the question about curative measures is decided.

Headaches, arising as a result of weather conditions or the use of drugs with calming effect, hypnotics and analgesics, and where necessary, the appointment and special products that will improve brain and heart blood flow will help in case of so called barometric pressure headaches. Sometimes in severe reactions of barometric pressure headaches it is recommended bed rest. Of great importance is to conduct activities to reduce meteo sensitivity. In this respect, the open air baths, hydrotherapy, sufficient motor mode, dosed walking, special complexes of physical therapy, and if necessary, medication and special preventive treatments prescribed by doctors in the hospital are helped.

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