Axolotl – perhaps one of the most mysterious and ambiguous creatures in nature. In essence, this creature is the larval stage of the ambystoma. At the same time, the axolotl can multiply and is considered sexually mature immediately after birth.
Some amazing facts about the life of these amazing creatures are in our material.
Requirements for the maintenance of the axolotl at home are very difficult to fulfill, so attempts to get it to pets quickly end with the death of the creature.
But if, after all, the desire to make the axolotl stronger, it should be remembered that it is vital to maintain a certain temperature in the aquarium. 20 degrees Celsius – the maximum allowable mark, and better to stick to 16-18 degrees.

The fact is that in nature, axolotls live in cold Mexican lakes and rivers, which are saturated with underground sources. And the warm water will simply kill these creatures. Already at 21 degrees, the food in the axolotl body is no longer digested and just rot.
One of the amazing abilities of this animal is that it can grow new limbs, spine and even the brain! In a “burst of passion” and hunger, a larva can bite a fellow and tear off, for example, a foot. But this is not a problem – the body of the axolotl regenerates and after a while this sweet creature will acquire a new leg, no worse than the previous one.
Scientists are especially keenly studying this amazing ability of axolotl and hope that it will help humanity to make new medical discoveries.

If the aquarium gradually lowers the water level or relocates the axolotl to a drier environment, then in a few weeks the larva will become amby. The external gills disappear, the color and shape of the body changes. Simply put, from the shortage of axolotl reincarnated into a lizard.

Axolotls do not have eyelids and they do not see very well.
Once axolotl was a delicacy, but now its popularity as a dish for a special occasion has fallen. People increasingly view the axolotl as a pet and no longer eat it.
With good care, the axolotl can live up to 15 years in an aquarium! And, judging by the attractive face, every morning will meet the host with such a joyful expression.

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