Lovers, Picasso, 1919

Many experts call this picture both mysterious and programmatic. It is mysterious because of the… Read More

Choosing diet is a serious question

According to statistics, only 5% of people who have been on a diet successfully lose… Read More

Test: How creative are you?

Are you curious? a) No. b) Not in everything. c) Yes. Do you like to… Read More

The brain is more complex than the universe

As we get older, the physiological properties of the brain change, neurons become less connected… Read More

Would You like to “order” the sex of a child?

World genetics at the Institute of Genetics of Fairfax (Virginia, USA) has been finally solved… Read More

Christening favors for Godparents

Christening favors. Sacrament of Baptism Orthodox and Catholic differ from each other, although are equally… Read More

Man and Woman: Very Difficult to Get Along.

Man and Woman: Well, why are they so difficult to be together? A woman and… Read More

Ice Pick Headaches

Ice pick headaches occur in life, probably, everyone, even the most healthy-looking, man. One gets… Read More

Mother and child. Picasso, 1921

Picasso's series of works on motherhood is known to have stirred up the European newspapers.… Read More

Weight loss psychology

What internal guidelines prevent us from losing weight? What's stopping us from finally going on… Read More

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