A childhood years are the most important

A person’s childhood years ( the time from birth to twelve years of age) are the most important years of a person’s life.

Little do people appreciate and value the time they are young. Were I asked about the most meaningful and vital person’s childhood years, I would concur that the time from birth to twelve years of age is undoubtedly the most decisive and essential, and I have certain persuasive arguments for that.

First of all, medical studies confirm that a child’s brain till the age of four obtains the majority or to be exact, sixty percent of the entire information of the world with the comparison of forty percent, which he/she would have attained for the rest of his/her life. Scarcely is it possible for adults to engulf and utilize a similar amount of data, which a baby is capable of consuming?

Furthermore, there is no denying, that human’s youth does not only define mental and physical growth, but it also delineates an outline of further existence. To endorse this statement, I would like to reiterate the fact that there was copious evidence of human infants, which were accidentally raised by animals, as a result, these humans entirely adopted animal’s behaviors. Even though lately, people nurtured these children, their development was slow and left much to be desired. What is more, they were able to attain only primitive knowledge and perception of the world around them.

Above all, my firm opinion, that childhood is the most significant time to devise personal traits, such as accuracy, generosity, savvy and persistence. Further on, they can enhance these characteristics, but the foundation should be launched the earlier, the better.

Finally, summing up all the above mentioned, I reinforce my belief that, a person’s childhood years do not only play a colossal role in developing and maintaining subsequent reality but also appear the most influential years of a person’s life.

By Oxbonda

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