7 places to make the best pizza

7 places to make the best pizza. Sprinkling with tomato sauce, bleeding with cheese, topped with tomato rings and slices of ham, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, decorated with a scattering of olives and teasing oregano teasing … For example, in Naples, in the homeland of Margarita, or in Chicago, where a thick pizza was invented. We talk about authentic places where they cook the best pizza.

Pizzeria “Uno” (Chicago)

Cult place for lovers of thick, “non-European” pizza. It was here, in the bakery “Uno” (Uno), in 1943, a paunchy, branded Chicago pizza was invented, covered with a thick layer of cheese and tomato sauce! Until now, disputes over who it occurred to bake such a whopper have not ceased. Some attribute this merit to businessman and football star of the University of Texas Ike Siella, others believe that the pizza recipe was developed by chef Rudi Malnati. But the fact remains: a thick cake filled with kilograms of selected filling was born in the Uno oven, and now Chicagoans do not get tired of boasting that their pizza beats Italian in popularity. At least in Chicago itself.

Pizzeria “Yes Michele” (Naples)

Gourmets hoarsely argue about where exactly in Naples you can devour the most delicious pizza – it’s too hard to choose the best place from 12 thousand city pizzerias. But most still vote for ” “L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele” (Da Michele) – an authentic restaurant with a century and a half history, which was visited by a bunch of stars – from Diego Maradona to Julia Roberts. Here, boldly spitting on new-fashioned recipes and other marketing things, only two types of pizza are prepared – “Marinara” (with tomatoes, garlic, olives and oregano) and the well-known “Margarita”. The people in the tiny pizzeria does not fit much, so for about 15 minutes you will have to stand outside – with a number in your hand that indicates your order. But after that comes the feast of the stomach: springy cake burns lips, mozzarella from buffalo milk melts in the mouth, sauce sprinkles in all directions … Yum? Yum!

Pizzeria “Speranza” (São Paulo)

If Naples is the place where pizza was invented, then São Paulo is the record city for its consumption. Every day in the Latin American metropolis more than a million (!) Pizzas are eaten. Brazilian pizzerias are gigantic halls, at the tables in which hundreds of people fit. The pizzas themselves are similar in size to satellite dishes, they have a lot of mozzarella cheese, hams and olives, and not much – which distinguishes them from their European counterparts – tomato sauce, which local chefs dislike. For the best “Napoletano” and “Calzone” (pizza envelope, stuffing which hides inside) in Sao Paulo you need to go to Speranza (Speranza) – the most popular pizzeria among the local population that smokes with its ovens for more than half a century. There are no tourists with fire here in the afternoon, but Paulistases (residents of São Paulo) are more than enough. So get ready not only to crunch the cheese crust, but also to practice Portuguese.

Pizzeria “Grimaldi” (New York)

One of the best pizzerias in New York called Grimaldi (Grimaldi’s) is located directly under the Brooklyn Bridge. According to legend, Frank Sinatra could not live without pizza baked in local ovens, taking it with him even on tour in Las Vegas. The lover of the Grimaldi brand pizza is also the first lady of the United States Michelle Obama, who once, terribly surprised, was sitting at the tables of the people, ran into the restaurant for the fragrant $ 16 Pepperoni. The pizzeria is very popular both among the residents of the “Big Apple” and among tourists, therefore, a long line is often made before entering the restaurant. Fortunately, Grimaldi has a couple of branches in New York: one in Manhattan and the other in Queens.

Pizzeria “At Buffetto” (Rome)

An inconspicuous door in a building with blind windows includes hundreds of people every day. Almost always have to stand in line. But for the sake of grandfather’s pizza, Buffetto should turn a blind eye to the inconvenience, because his Margarita, the dough for which the chefs are cleverly turned up in the air, is considered the most delicious in Rome. Buffetto family business (Pizzeria Da Baffetto) is almost fifty years old. In the role of hostesses – a magnificent daughter, and the owner himself – in a plaid shirt and tortoiseshell glasses – blows between the tables, giving dozens of teams to the waiters and children in the kitchen. The service is brilliantly debugged: pizzas of machine-gun bursts fly out of a wood-burning stove, settling on tables covered with parchment paper. In addition to the “classic”, you can order a pizza with zucchini, anchovy, prosciutto and even pumpkin. For 25 euros (pizza plus beer) sit down so that it will be difficult to get up from the table. Do not forget to take a photo with the old man Buffetto.

Pizzeria “Maria Louise” (Paris)

A small and cozy pizzeria hid at the crossroads of three roads a few steps from the Canal Saint-Martin. It is believed that the local chefs honor the Neapolitan traditions to the utmost and make pizza exactly the same as in Italy. At the same time, do not forget to experiment: in the menu you can find pizza with arugula, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, Parma ham, red and green pepper. The main hit is pizza “Diablo” with a thick layer of cheese and several types of hot pepperoni. For dessert, do not count – it just does not fit!

Pizzeria “Spontini” (Milan)

A gigantic pizza topped with tomatoes and powerful slices of a striker on the spot with their cheese aroma is the pride of the small diner Pontus Spontini. Here, they bake only “Margarita”, so don’t waste time studying the menu, but immediately pop out your order. Keep in mind that you will be asked where exactly you will be eating the fiery treasure. And it’s not necessary to stay in a pizzeria. In Milan, it is considered good form to wander along the street with an oiled paper bundle, tearing pieces of its contents with your teeth and trying not to miss the moment when the remnants of cheese, tomato sauce and anchovy pieces fall into your coat.

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