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Original 40th Birthday Party Ideas and Scenarios for the Anniversary.

Number 40 is magical and even sacred virtually in all mythologies of the world. After forty days the soul of the deceased person leaves this world, and goes to the other. It is due to this superstition, many believe that the forty-year anniversary is not worth of “a loud celebration”, because you can call troubles to house. And here we give some examples of 40th birthday party ideas.

1.Idea of transition, the start of a new life after 40 can be safely used as a theme for a party in honor of your birthday! But plan a party to such a subject only if you are 100% confident in the availability of sense of humor in your guests. Otherwise, the holiday can be spoiled. Try in advance to warn your guests about the specifics of the holiday, and say that you will greet any jokes on the subject .

Room decor for a party is held in the typical black and white color scheme. At the end of the holiday you can please guests by unique treats!

2. More calm and even, in some way, you can arrange a lyrical celebration, inviting friends to join efforts to create a movie (or TV show) about the birthday person. Of course, such a party is better to present to a celebrant as a surprise. Imagine, he/she enters the house at the appointed hour, and then, instead of a corridor, a road of a thousand candles. And on the way photos from different years are laid. And then you can, all together, to remember the touching, funny and unforgettable moments of life of a hero of the day. By the way, it would be great to show a record of events from the life of the celebrant with interweaving of the world events (for this use you can use clippings from old newspapers).
In order guests of a party are not bored; you can dilute the script by costumed musical pauses. For example, let one of your friends and organizers dresses and goes to the guests in the diapers and with a pacifier (the birthday boy/girl was just born), then in shorts and T-shirt, then with a Mohawk on his head, in a suit, etc.

3. Birthday in wigs or Masquerade for 40 years.
Such a party can be safely classified as a costume show. But, a holiday in wigs is a lightweight version of the masquerade. Each guest will have to change hair color to a fabulous crimson, blue, gold, etc., Psychologists argue that such transformation allow a person to relax, dump cargo complexes and forget about age .

4. Royal welcome in a real castle or a party at the castle.
You are 40! It’s time to turn a princess into a real queen! Why for their anniversary event not to reserve an authentic castle and arrange social events there. Elegant guests rise on the marble staircase with red carpet, and the herald already reported: Gains prince and princess! And you, sitting on the throne, regal nod in greeting! And then the music starts and the real ball begins! And, of course, the real royal feast is sure to become a finishing finale of the ball!

5. Hen party of 40 or find a second youth in 40 years.
If the list of your guests presents only ladies, you can develop the idea of a bachelorette party. Create an atmosphere of glamor, impregnating all around with bright colors. Serve as treats snacks and sweets. And then make a dance!

6. Hike or 40th birthday party ideas for active people.
Forty-year anniversary is a great reason to gather all your friends and go camping! Why not? Nothing is better than to bring people together , joint nights around the campfire! And this birthday you’ll remember for years to come! Well, if you did not dare, arrange for you and your friends a picnic in the country! Arrange the site in a retro style, sit on the grass and talk. It would be good to bring a guitar! Under intimate choral chants favorite songs formed a great mood! OR

7. Dirty party or a party in the dirt for 40 years.
It is dirty, not because it will be allowed vulgar language and antics ,it is  dirty because you have to actually take a dip in the mud! First, this proposal will surely shock your guests! But then (for sure!), they will get excited, feel spirit and have fun from the heart! It is only important to warn them in advance that the dress code for a party is swimwear, and they need to take a bath accessories and clothes!

8. Primitive society or a party for 40 years in the style of ancient times.
For our children the age of 40 is a mammoth age. They think that 40 is so much that we were born in the era of primitive society. At the nursery inferences you should not be offended! It is better to listen to them and use their feedback as an idea for a holiday! Why not? Tiger skins, mammoth tusks , the snacks that should be eaten only by hands, a lot of fruits and vegetables! Great idea! You can arrange a competition in archery, or do rock art, or primitive dances!

9. Party in the style of the 70 to 40 year anniversary
Try to feel the atmosphere, in which your parents lived, fell in love, got married and thought of you.  Beatles time, plaid jackets and street romance will be an excellent basis for the idea of a party!

And Finally

10. Children’s birthday party for adults or back to my childhood for 40 years.
There is, perhaps, no person in the world who would not be remembered with affection his/her childhood. So why not please yourself and your guests a real, bright, children’s parties? From lollipops, candy, cakes, balloons (which, by the way, you can attach photos of different years birthday), confetti and crackers!

And once more, we warn you that all 40th birthday party ideas should surprise and not offend your celebrant. If you celebrant or guests are lack of sense of humor you should not present it to him/her!

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