30th Birthday Party Ideas

Thirty years – a very important mark on the life scale. Thirty years – a kind of boundary between youth and adulthood. The thirtieth anniversary is celebrated magnificently more than twenty years and forty years. If you are about to celebrate your thirtieth birthday and you want it to be a bright, memorable holiday, there are three options: to spend on a birthday party a lot of money to have a party in an unusual place, or come up with the original idea of a holiday. Just about 30th birthday party ideas and themes we’ll talk.

How to celebrate the anniversary of 30 years: a few ideas.
You can choose to thirtieth almost any topic that is interesting to a hero of the day, his/her family and friends, it can be a gangster party, Mexican fiesta, party in Hawaiian style, etc. However, you can bind a theme specifically to or a birthday – that is his/her hobby, occupation, and vital interests, either directly to the thirtieth. The last option we just consider.

1. Party “We are 20” (15, 18, etc.). In this case, a party in honor of the anniversary of 30 years is dedicated to a brief period when the celebrant and his/her classmates (classmates) were 20 years of age.
That is, for example, a party can be devoted to 2001th. The slogan of the event: “At heart we are always 20!” For the women thirtieth anniversary select a year, when she was 18. The slogan is slightly different: “we are always 18 in a body and soul!”
A Hero of the day and guests are trying to dress like dressing up when they were 20. To recall what was the fashion, you can see the photos in your photo albums and online.

Selected music which was fashionable at the time. If possible, use items relevant to that time – for example, you can make a “garland” of antediluvian mobile phones, which at that time had just appeared in our lives. Suit and floppy coil from Kodak films, etc.
How fun? First, you can see the video picture collages of a hero of the day and his/her friends at the age of 20. Second, you can make a quiz on knowledge of the era. A host names an event in the world (politics, art, science, natural disasters, etc.) that may have occurred in that year, and the guests guess whether this event actually was in that year, or it happened in another time or did not happen at all. Also you can make games, which were popular at parties, at the time when the hero of the day was 20.

2. A party in honor of the thirty-year anniversary “30!”. Everything revolves around the number “thirty”. First, the room is decorated with thirty – it can be figures out of paper, electrical garlands, fixed to the wall in the form of thirty, balloons, with that number, etc.
You can order a birthday decoration, as decoration with balloons. It will look fabulous at the place celebration entrance, a great arch of balloons, on the sides of which are the numbers “3” and “0.”
You can give to guests any details with the number “30”; for example, a bandage on a shoulder, caps, T-shirts, etc.
The more figures with number “30” on holiday the better and it is so entertaining. It could be 30 dishes, 30 cocktails on the table, 30 bunches, etc. By the way, inviting guests let them know that the gift is also should contain a “thirty”, for example, family members can donate a gift certificate for 30 dollars or someone will present 30 fishing hooks or 30 glasses, and someone will book engraving . It will be interesting.

Entertainment is also possible (and desirable) to bind to one of the “thirty.” For example, to ask, in what has become the number “30” if you swap the numbers? Immediately after that, you can spend some contest or game on that particular subject.

Another option is to ask guests to tell you what method they will use to save the celebrant from the blues. It can be many ideas, ranging from “I’ll come to him with champagne,” or “I will take him on a fishing trip” to “Striptease” and “give birth to his child.”

Second entertainment. If the number “thirty” read differently – the number 3 as the “three” and 0 as the letter “o”, we get the word “trio”. It is possible to submit a puzzle, asking guests to guess a word for a musical ensemble. When the puzzle is cracked, you can organize creative number of three. And it can be quite serious, humorous or lyric performance, game and contest. For example, the male guests with their mouths taped can serenade to a celebrant.

3. Retro party in honor of the 30th anniversary under the theme “I was born.” Celebration of the thirtieth anniversary can be made in the form of retro party devoted the time when the hero of the day was born. Use retro decor, guests come in clothes of the time, select appropriate music. Entertaining moments can also bind to the place where he/she was born, and to the profession of his/her parents.
If you have an idea of the holiday, the entire structure is subject to it. There is nothing superfluous in the script, all the elements are in harmony and fun. These holidays are always memorable, because leave the impression of something very bright.

We wish you  very handsome thirty-year anniversary with this 30th birthday party ideas!

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