Day: February 2, 2019

What to eat so you don’t get old?

According to scientists, the problems of aging are largely predetermined by the lack of vitamins… Read More

What famous diets are lethal to life?

In the pursuit of beauty and slimness, many people often forget that such attempts to… Read More

What’s the danger of an eight-hour sleep

It has always been tacitly believed that the 8-hour sleep is good for the body… Read More

How many calories a day do man need to consume?

How many calories do men need a day? The metabolic process in men is much… Read More

How many calories a day do woman need to consume?

Calorie or energy value of food is one of the most important characteristics of food.… Read More

Lose weight and don’t gain

Maybe there is a new way to get rid of extra pounds in the shortest… Read More

Carrots against Cholesterol

High cholesterol levels are the right path to heart and vascular disease. First about the… Read More

How does the sleep change with age?

It is generally accepted that there are certain norms of the number of sleep hours… Read More

Is a salt-free diet helpful?

Salt-free diets doctors sometimes prescribe hypertension, pregnancy, people suffering from obesity and kidney disease, cirrhosis… Read More

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