13 Birthday Party Ideas

13th Birthday Party Ideas Will Give You Exceptional Examples

Birthday – a bright and happy holiday! Parents want to make it memorable and unique. Kids and teens love to receive gifts much more than adults. But well-organized festival in honor of the birth of a child is the best gift!
Of course, it’s not easy – to organize a celebration. Need a lot of work and spend a lot of time. And thus also need to connect the imagination to think of design, the idea of a holiday and a suitable activity – that is, a scenario of childbirth. Lifesaver for parents is a ready script of a child’s birth.

Football Party teen’s birthday

Soccer – The world’s most popular sports game. Soccer love all – from children to adults. If your young football player or football fan’s birthday is coming soon and you are wondering what a holiday to arrange, then pay attention to the football theme. How about a football party in honor of the birth?
Football party can be arranged as a birthday of a junior student as well as older children and high school students.

Hawaiian birthday (8-13 years)

Birthday party in Hawaiian style involves bright decorations, music, dance, and costumes. This celebration is particularly appealing to girls because they like to try coconut bras with grass skirts and dance till they drop. Therefore hold a Hawaiian birthday better for girls, although the presence of the boys made the holiday fun. However, this topic can be offered as the boy-birthday – if the idea seems interesting to him, then, the festival will come out well. But in this case, do not forget to invite the girls to decorate a teen Hawaiian party in honor of the birthday.

The idea of a holiday is to organize a teen’s birthday party or with a bias in the study of various professions. It is in the 13-15 years old, parents and children think much about which career to choose. So, you can successfully organize a party for teenagers 13-15 years in our scenario, where in a relaxed form to tell the participants about different professions.


Any parent can organize this type of birthday party for the 13th teen. Using a little imagination and diligence, you can arrange a treasure hunt with cards or notes, with the obligatory rewarding of the fastest seeker of treasures at the end.

Masquerade ball This idea is suitable for older children. Costumes can be rented or sew yourself. Masquerade party can be thematic, and may simply be off-topic.
Holiday-competition This kind of celebration is always in high demand in both children and adults. You can throw balls at a target, pull the rope, play hide and seek and catch-up. It is best to hold such an event in nature. Fruit Party Feast on this holiday may be just fruit, ice cream, and juices. You can offer teens to come in costumes depicting certain fruits, and make a quiz – who knows more about a particular fruit or vegetable.

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